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You look familiar: on patrol with the Met’s super-recognisers



The study suggested that super-recognisers represented the extreme opposite to prosopagnosics – otherwise known as people with face blindness. The authors suggested that just as prosopagnosia affects 1-2% of the population, it was reasonable to assume that another 1-2% were super-recognisers. Those in the unit that Davis is testing are among the top 1% of that group.



 試した結果は、13 of 14だった。ま、記事を読んで顔のどの部分を覚えれば良いのかが判っていたからだろう。


イギリス・リベラル報道(kind of)の危機




Everything you need to know about the Guardian’s giant bust-up




Save BBC recipe archive petition signed by more than 100,000 people





Yachts, jets and stacks of cash: super-rich discover risks of Instagram snaps

From selfies on super-yachts to posing with private jets, the young heirs of the uber-wealthy have attracted worldwide envy and derision by flaunting their lavish lifestyles on social media.

But these self-styled rich kids of Instagram are, often unwittingly, revealing their parents’ hidden assets and covert business dealings, providing evidence for investigators to freeze or seize assets worth tens of millions of pounds, and for criminals to defraud their families.

Leading cybersecurity firms said they were using evidence from social media in up to 75% of their litigation cases, ranging from billionaire divorces to asset disputes between oligarchs, with the online activity of super-rich heirs frequently providing the means to bypass their family’s security.

Oisín Fouere, managing director of K2 Intelligence in London, said social media was increasingly their “first port of call”. Their opponent in one asset recovery case claimed to have no significant valuables – until investigators found a social media post by one of his children that revealed they were on his $25m yacht in the Bahamas.

Daniel Hall, director of global judgment enforcement at Burford Capital, said their targets in such cases tended to be people “of a slightly older vintage” who were not prodigious users of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but whose children, employees and associates often were. The firm recently managed to seize a “newly acquired private jet” in a fraud case because one of the two fraudsters had a son in his 30s who posted a photograph on Instagram of himself and his father standing in front of the plane.

Fools' gold: super-rich Instagram decoded

Cybersecurity firms use social media evidence of wealth in up to 75% of their litigation cases. So when your obnoxious children Instagram a selfie next to your gold-plated Ferrari, they’re telling the world exactly how rich you are. It’s a security nightmare – opening you up to fraudsters, lawsuits and divorce claims alike – but still they persist. So, let’s look at some of the most pervasive Instagram rich-kid tropes, and see what they reveal about the Rich Parents of Instagram’s assets – and how they could be used against them...



The Independent紙


The Independentが紙での発行を止めて1週間が過ぎた。それまでもじり貧だったが、ネットに移行して僕にとっては一気に存在感が失われた。紙での発行が無くなることはあるだろうが、全てがネットに移行した時、メディアの存在意義、影響力はどうなるのだろうと考える。



スクリーンショット 2016-02-09 9.46.41


'Panic situation': Asian stocks tumble amid fears of new global recession





Billionaire earns first-class travel for life by putting Modigliani nude on Amex

A Chinese billionaire will never have to pay for a plane ticket again, after he accrued a staggering number of air miles using his American Express card to buy a $170m painting.

“In theory, it’s possible to put a ($170m purchase) on an American Express card,” said spokeswoman Elizabeth Crosta. “It is based on our relationship with that individual card member and these decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, based on our knowledge of their spending patterns.”

Liu has an American Express centurion card, also known as the Amex “black card”, an invitation-only card that is given to Amex’s biggest spending clients. The card has no official credit limit – and it earns points, just like most of the cards non-billionaires carry around.

Liu and his wife, in an interview with the New York Times, said they planned to use the points to allow their family to travel for the rest of their lives.

That shouldn’t be a problem, according to Zach Honig, the editor-in-chief of the travel rewards site “He’s probably reached that goal with that single painting,” Honig said.



誰が為に企業は儲ける:To whom companies increase their profit






Martin Shkreli announces turnaround on 5,000% price rise for drug

UK NHS cancer patients denied drugs due to inflated prices – experts

 おそらく世界で最も親しまれているであろう歌・曲の筆頭、「Happy Birthday」は公共のものであるから著作権を要求することはできない、という判断。

Happy Birthday: how popular song became public property


British Airways Gatwick staff face lower pay





British Airways fire: 'We saw the smoke. The smell was bitter. It was time to panic'


I’ve subsequently seen some criticism of them on Twitter but if you weren’t there, how do you know how you would have reacted? People do odd things when they panic.


Dear Mr Moriya

Thanks for letting us know what happened when you were travelling with us. I apologise for the delay in replying to you. I'm sorry to learn that your flight to London Heathrow was delayed on 04 July. I completely understand how frustrating it must have been for you, especially as this isn't the first time this has happened to you. I’m so sorry for the problems we caused you.

Our Operations team investigate the reason for every flight delay and this tells us where we’re going wrong. From what you’ve told me about your delayed flight, I absolutely agree we’ve let you down.

We always want to maintain a stable operation and we’ll only delay an aircraft if we really have to, particularly as it affects our customers and their plans. If you speak to a staff member at the airport, or call our contact centres, we’ll do our best to re-arrange your travel plans to suit you.

We're very grateful you've taken the time to let us know what happened when you travelled with us. It’s only through your feedback we’re able to focus on areas where we need to improve, so we can offer you the best possible service. Sometimes it can take time for us to fix the problems we’re having, but we’ll always work hard to make sure they get resolved. Our Executive Chairman, Keith Williams, makes sure we improve continuously across all areas of our business, and I know you’ll see positive changes very soon.





スマホは必携 「21世紀型難民」の道案内役

A 21st-Century Migrant’s Essentials: Food, Shelter, Smartphone




'Everyone wants to leave': death of hope drives young Syrians to Europe

In Damascus there is a new industry of “facilitators” who offer advice to Syrians who want to get out. Adnan, a lawyer, has helped 16 people in the past few months and has 22 on standby waiting to go. The biggest group are 17- to 25-year-olds, including students who are about to graduate but have no job prospects. But he has wealthier clients too: a 30-something head of department living in a safe part of Damascus; another man who sold his car for $5,000 – enough for a comfortable trip.



Adnan, making a living from helping others find a better future, says: “As long as I can afford to stay in Syria, why should I leave?



Iran is Great:ある家族に起きたことから考える、ロンドンは異常なのか?


The family behind the Iran is Great van: 'what happened to us was serendipity'

 ルーマニア出身の男性、フランス人女性の夫婦、そして彼らのドイツ生まれの二人の息子達は、「Iran is Great」と書かれた家族の車で旅をしている。様々な体験をして家族はイギリスへ。ロンドン中心部の科学博物館の前に車を止め見学を始めた。2時間後車に戻ると、ガラスは壊されていた。


Cristian particularly felt agitated that the police had not left any note behind, explaining what had happened. “I went to the police station and they accused me of provoking the whole thing, they wanted me to feel responsible for expressing my views about this country, Iran.” He has not received an apology.

Later that day at the station, a policewoman told Cristian in an episode that has since been posted online: “We had to block the road, we had to call out the bomb squad, we had to call up supervisors to come down, we had to close everywhere off because your vehicle was parked in a higher security hotspot in London with that written on the sides. That’s the justification, it doesn’t say ‘Spain is Great’, ‘Italy is Great’, whatever.”

A Metropolitan police spokeswoman told the Guardian on Thursday: “There was a security alert in the Kensington area on Monday as a result of a suspicious vehicle.” When pressed if the police has since apologised, the Met said it has not received an official request of such.




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