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Heatwave temperatures in UK higher than Los Angeles and Bahamas

Temperatures in some parts of the UK exceeded those in Los Angeles and the Bahamas on Monday as the hottest day of the year so far gripped the country.

Temperatures rose to a sweltering 32.4C in parts of greater London in the afternoon, just above the 32.1C highs of the weekend. Most of England and Wales was affected by the hot weather, which was made particularly sweaty by the absence of a breeze, though the north of England and Scotland saw cooler, cloudier conditions.



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I am sure all of you who live in the UK for the moment had your own experience by the Storm Doris on 23rd of Feb. I had too and, frankly, pretty frustrating but at the end of the day, Doris brought me a wonderful surprise which compensated my day.

Photos through the day

Because an interesting meeting was planned at hospital where I work, I needed to go somewhere in Herts. On the way to King's Cross Station, the weather looked good and I thought Doris had already gone to the continent.
At King's Cross, some trains, in particular to go to Leeds, were already cancelled, but a train I was going to catch would depart on time and it did. I felt convinced that my day would go without any problem. I was wrong. The train stopped for 30 or 35 minutes at a station. When I arrived at the hospital, the meeting was nearly over.

Then, I was asked to join another meeting which I did not expect. Although the meeting was taken place in at another place (10 minutes walk from the hospital), I was happy to join them. It was quite an interesting one and I learned something new. Then, we left the place and we found there were some trees fell down by the high wind caused by Doris and the road was sealed off by police. Luckily, we were allowed to walk back to the hospital.

When we got back, I needed to talk to my supervisor. As always, it was good to receive thoughtful advice, but I was also thinking about going back to London earlier rather staying there till late.

So, I was running to the station and more or less 30 people were there. I must say that the facility of the station is absolutely poor and user-unfriendly, no cozy waiting space for commuters. It was heiling, raining, sun shining and rainbow, and freezing. Doris was absolutely cruel for us.

Finally, a train arrived from Cambridge and it took me over an hour and a half to get back to King's Cross. At my arrival, I took some photos of anxious passenger and sent them to my friend (E) who commutes from the town to London. She immediately sent me a text that she was drinking at a pub above the station with her husband (N).

Last time I met them was more than a year ago, so it would be nice to say hello to both of them. I was heading to the pub. In front of the pub, a guy was standing as a floor manager and it was him (S) with whom I lost contact nearly 5 years. Jaw dropped, we just looked at each other for a second and hugged each other.

E was coming to me and asked me if I would know of S who, according to E, N and she met as his regular customers some time ago. So, if Doris had not hit the UK, I might not have met my friends all together.

At their table, when E and I started to enjoy blaming the ill-equipped train network in the UK, N said to us, [Please don't tell me how wonderful the Japanese train system is. I know that and I don't want to hear about it now].

However, my blessed day by Doris did have another twist. The underground station was closed and I could not get a taxi, or buses. I decided to walk to Euston and finally got on a bus which was overcrowded. At Great Portland Station, two men started shouting at each other and the driver terminated the bus. So, I walked home.

I know many people had much worse experiences than mine. What I do hope since then is that the train system in the UK should be improved with no excuses.

Have a great weekend.


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Make central London diesel-free to solve air pollution crisis – report



Freezing fog cancels Heathrow and Gatwick flights


暖冬に死者は増える:A green Christmas makes a full graveyard




A green Christmas makes a full churchyard.


A green Christmas makes a full graveyard

A black Christmas makes a fat churchyard.

A green winter makes a fat churchyard.

It is an old superstition, without any foundation in fact, that a Christmas without snow will be followed by much illness and many deaths.

Weatherwatch: ‘A green January makes a full churchyard’ and other proverbs

But the most intriguing belief is that “a green January makes a full churchyard”. This is based on the perfectly reasonable notion that cold weather kills germs, while mild winters allow them to spread. In the days before antibiotics, even a common cold could turn into a more serious, even fatal infection.




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UK storms: Mapping the floods

With hurricane-force winds forecast for the western UK and flood waters continuing to rise in parts of southern England, maps highlight the impact of the latest severe weather.






David Cameron using flood crisis to 'drown embarrassing news'




Hundreds wade through murky water to salvage what little they have left while 80mph gales prolong Britain's misery... but the Environment Agency thinks its flood response is a 'success story'






Why global water shortages pose threat of terror and war



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