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現在住んでいるところから徒歩5分ほどのところにChurch Streetという通りがある。アンティーク関連の店が沢山入っているアルフィがあるから、雑貨に興味がある人からたまにどうやっていくのと尋ねられる。住んでいるからこそ、「人には勧めないエリア」といつも答える。


 昨日、一週間分の果物を買うべく店に行くと、柿の隣に見慣れないものが。一瞬、センザンコウかと思った。名前は、Custard Apple


 異国情緒あふれる果物を食べると、川原 泉さんの「愚者の楽園」を思い出す。から拝借)


図書館のライオン:Library Lion


今年のクリスマス・プレゼントは、「Lazy Santa」を大量購入するつもりでいたら絶版(。で、他に何か良い絵本はないかと思ってドートン・ブックすで見つけたのが「Library Lion」。

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ロシア、今月から冬時間廃止 モスクワ日の出10時も




2011/10/28 17:47 【共同通信】


Clocks forward trial being considered

UK would adopt central European time, GMT plus one hour in winter and two in summer, if devolved governments agree.

Clocks could go forward by an hour permanently subject to UK-wide consensus.

The government has decided to back the bid for a three-year trial that would see the UK join the central European time zone ― but only if devolved administrations agree.

It would mean lighter evenings but darker mornings, especially in Scotland, where many people are strongly opposed. Campaigners believe, however, that moving to lighter evenings would reduce energy use and hence carbon emissions, cut road deaths and boost tourism.

British summertime ends this weekend when clocks go back on Sunday. If the trial went ahead, it would see Britain's clocks go unchanged. Clocks in winter would be set to GMT plus one hour (British summertime) and GMT plus two in the summer.

The stipulation for agreement across the UK is one of the amendments ministers want to make to the daylight savings private members bill, which is set to move to committee stage in early November.

The bill, first put forward by Conservative MP Rebecca Harris in 2010, calls on the government to conduct a cross-departmental analysis into the potential costs and benefits of moving the clocks forward to create lighter evenings.

If this review showed that the move would be beneficial, the government would then initiate a three-year trial to evaluate the impact of the change. David Cameron signalled that he was willing to consider the switch, but has said that the argument would only be won when people across the country feel comfortable with the change.

Time zones are the responsibility of individual EU member states and vary across the continent. The devolution arrangements for time zones also vary – responsibility is devolved in Northern Ireland, but reserved in Scotland and Wales.

Some have suggested that England could make the change alone, but Cameron has said that he wants a united time zone for a UK.

Edward Davey, the business secretary, said: "This is an issue which affects everyone across the country, so we cannot rush headfirst into this. As the prime minister has made clear, we would need consensus from the devolved administrations if any change were to take place. We have therefore tabled amendments to the current bill to make sure that it addresses these concerns.

"It is only right that we at least look at what the potential economic and social benefits of any change might be. Lower road deaths, reduced carbon dioxide emissions and improved health have all been argued over the years as possible benefits."

Harris said she was delighted with the decision to support the bill.

"There are so many conflicting arguments on both sides of the daylight saving lobby. I believe we need a comprehensive and objective assessment of them.

"Of course any eventual change to the clocks would affect everyone in the country so I do not believe it should be considered unless there is good evidence in favour of it and a broad public consensus, which would naturally include the devolved assemblies."



Lazy Santa & Toto:サンタは怠け者




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English National Ballet to take up Tate residency

The English National Ballet is to take up residency at Tate Britain next February, to mark the opening of a new Picasso exhibition.

Inspired by the artist's costume and set design work with the Ballets Russes in 1919, the collaboration will see dancers take classes in the gallery.

They will also rehearse and perform three new works inspired by the Picasso and Modern British Art exhibition.

The show looks at how the artist was received in Britain and his influence.

The residency celebrates the legacy of the Ballets Russes alongside the company's own Beyond Ballets Russes season, which will be performed at the London Coliseum next spring.

Picasso worked closely with the Ballets Russes from 1916 and designed several ballets including Parade and Pulcinella.

He frequently sketched the dancers in rehearsal and off stage and even married one of the dancers, Olga Khokhlova.

The English National Ballet's programme will feature the full company of 67 dancers taking their morning ballet class along a barre stretching the length of the North Duveen Gallery.

There will also be workshops and demonstrations highlighting the links between dance and the visual arts.

It will climax with the premiere of the three new ballets at Late at Tate on 2 March.

Picasso and Modern British Art is the first exhibition to explore the artist's lifelong connections with Britain.

It will examine his impact on British modernism, through seven artists he inspired including Duncan Grant, Henry Moore, Francis Bacon and David Hockney.

More than 150 works from major public and private collections will be on show, including more than 60 paintings by Picasso.

The exhibition will run at Tate Britain from 15 February - 15 July, while the English National Ballet will take up residency from 27 February - 4 March.




ロンドンのバービカン・センターで、11月25日から27日まで催される「premier japan 2011」の中で「無常素描」が1回だけ上映されます。











Marathon Ma'am! Smiling Queen gets straight to work after 22-hour flight to Australia


She is renowned for her remarkable strength and endurance.
But the Queen surpassed even her own reputation yesterday, as she arrived in Canberra after a 22-hour flight that would exhaust someone half her age – and went straight to work meeting wellwishers.

The Queen, 85, and the Duke of Edinburgh, 90, smiled broadly and waved as they stepped off the specially chartered British Airways Boeing 777 to cheers from the waiting crowd as they began their official tour of Australia.

And if there were any republicans among those gathered on the tarmac at the military airfield, they kept a low profile.

Julia bows but she won't scrape: If this 6ft 8in woman basketball player can manage a curtsey to the 5ft 4in Queen why can't Australia's Prime Minister?





Visit Japan from the UK!

Until today, I did not know that this site would exist.

Visit Japan from the UK

There is an announcement from Japan Tourism Agency.

Regarding news coverage on " 10,000 FREE FLIGHTS TO FOREIGNERS"

Thank you for your interest in visiting Japan.

Recently a number of media outlets have publicized reports about ”Japan offering 10,000 free flights to foreigners”.  However, this initiative to be carried out from April 2012 onwards is still under examination for government budgetary approval and is at this moment undecided.

If the initiative is confirmed and put into operation, Japan Tourism Agency will officially announce details on this website. To receive instant notifications on this and more related news, join your local Japan National Tourism Organization on Facebook ( now!

Warning: There have been reports in some countries about acts of fraud related to this media report. The Japanese government has not committed to provide free flight tickets to Japan to anybody. Please be careful not to get caught up in this kind of fraud.





 「でも、女性が指した魚には、『日本から輸入』なんて表示はなかったわ。女性の態度にはあきれたし、それ以上にそんなことを母親から言われたあの女の子達が日本をどう思うかと考えると、I feel terrible!」。

















シルヴィ・ギエム:Hope Japan関連



「100年に1人のバレリーナ」と称されるシルヴィ・ギエムさんが、復興への祈りを込めた日本ツアー「HOPE JAPAN」を始めた。本人の希望で盛岡市や福島県いわき市の公演も組み込まれ、この2公演の出演料などをあしなが育英会に寄付する。











Occupy London protest continues – in pictures



Worlds apart – the neighbourhoods that sum up a divided America

They are barely a mile apart, separated by a few gritty streets and a thin muddy stretch of water known as the Harlem river. They are in the same city and have experienced the same recession.

But New Yorkers living in the city's 14th and 16th congressional districts – electoral districts with populations of around 600,000 each – often occupy completely different worlds. Their lives provide a shocking example of growing inequality in America, where the rich are leaving a growing mass of the poor completely behind.

The numbers are stark enough. Last week a census report revealed that 46 million Americans live in poverty, the highest number ever recorded. At the same time, the richest 20% of Americans control 84% of the country's wealth. Indeed, just 400 families have the same net worth as the total of the bottom 50%. America's Gini coefficient – which measures inequality of income distribution – now nears that of Rwanda.

"There is no money for people to spend on drugs," he said, blaming that for a spate of muggings as frustrated dealers turn to robbery. Local shops sell cheap clothes and corner stores accept food stamps. It would be suicide not to. The use of food stamps in the US has risen by 75% in the past four years and now covers 15% of the population.

Politics inspires worry in the South Bronx, too. But in a different way. In St Ann's church, the Rev Martha Overall watched last week's Republican debate in dismay, especially the attacks on government. She fears the impact that enormous government cuts are already having, let alone the sort that any Republican president might bring in. "It's social Darwinism. It's people being pitted against people. I also believe it is un-American. I don't believe this country was founded on a sense of every man for himself. It was founded on community," Overall said.


Sharp rise in demand for food handouts from poverty-stricken families

Britain has seen a sharp increase in the number of people unable to afford to feed themselves at the most basic level, thanks to the worsening economic climate and changes to the benefit system, according to a survey by a leading food charity.

In the past year FareShare, which redistributes waste food from major food manufacturers and supermarkets to social care charities, has seen a 20% rise in the number of people it is feeding – from 29,500 a year to 35,000.

"People in our communities are going to bed hungry because they can't afford to feed themselves," said Lindsay Boswell, chief executive of FareShare. "This is a huge problem and it's right here, in our neighbourhoods, on our streets. This is outrageous enough even before you factor in the thousands of tonnes of good food thrown away each year. It's illogical and frankly immoral that these problems coexist."

"We're seeing a big increase in what you could call, for want of a better phrase, normal working people, those who have lost their jobs or seen their own businesses go under," says Jeremy Ravn, manager of the food bank network. "The big problem is that the welfare state is not reacting fast enough to need."
An increasing time lag between benefits claims being accepted and the date when payments come on stream is, Ravn says, resulting in some people suffering serious hunger.

Poverty-stricken families join a lengthening queue for food handouts

"People are struggling. Supermarket prices are shooting up and they aren't coping."

Some of it is the result of poor forecasting of demand, resulting in oversupply. Some of it is too close to the use-by date to go on sale, or has a misprint on the labelling or damage to the packaging. The warehouse is stacked with pallets of instant gravy granules and jars of pickled cucumbers. The fridges are filled with boxes of apples and tomatoes, with fresh milk, and a curious amount of jarlsberg cheese.Because they are there to make use of what the food industry does not want, they can be a repository for anything from the most banal to foie gras parfait and rib-eye steaks.

Lindsay Boswell, the charity's chief executive, makes no secret of the fact that the original motive was making better use of the environment. "We started out purely interested in liberating waste," he says. "We are an environmental charity that gets bloody angry about food being wasted."

Despite FareShare's efforts, it estimates that it only handles 1% of the three million tonnes of food that goes to waste every year. Now, though, the work of the charity has moved on. "We're clear that alleviation of poverty has become the side that leads. I think most people in this country would assume that generally people can feed themselves. But they can't." If all FareShare was concerned with was waste, he says, it could just give food away to commuters. "But that's not what we're about. Demand for our food is going up faster than we can source it."

Martin Caraher, professor of food policy at City University London, says recent research confirms what both the Trussell Trust and FareShare are seeing. "There are around 13 million people in Britain living in poverty, which is defined as earnings of 60% of the national average. Of those, four million are suffering nutritionally related consequences. And the big new group who are really suffering are working families."

Cecilia Mpamugo, chef at the Refugee Council's drop-in centre in Brixton, south London, cooks food for at least 100 people a day, many of whom have no other way to get a hot meal. "It's shameful that the food would otherwise go to waste. And the quality is very, very good."

So is FareShare part of the solution to Britain's growing food poverty crisis? Lindsay Boswell thinks not. "We're in the business of addressing the symptoms without addressing the disease. We are simply part of the alarm system."


Observer Food Monthly Awards 2011 best cheap eats: Koya

Recession: counting the cost on Luton high street

"The prices will go up and no one has an answer to how we get out of this mess we're in," he said. "I'm not really very impressed with what Cameron or anyone has had to say about how we're going to get out of this debt crisis."



UK seeing a big rise in poverty, says IFS


UK CPI inflation rate rises to 5.2% in September




英国防相が辞任 ロビイストとの関係めぐり




Why politicians can't seem to learn from past mistakes

Anyway, public activity is what drew attention to the close relationship that exists between defence secretary, Liam Fox, and his friend Adam Werritty. Of course, people are going to speculate about why Fox was so dependent in his public life on Werritty that he risked his job for it. Of course, they are going to wonder if something in their private lives explains this.

There is open speculation that the inappropriate public closeness that exists between Fox and Werritty is an indication of "a sex scandal". But there is no indication of any terribly "scandalous" sex. Fox is married, and his wife has a reasonable expectation of sexual fidelity – and it's important to stress that no one has presented any evidence of infidelity. But if the couple arranged things differently, then that would be their business. The sex of a third party is immaterial – or should be – and plenty of politicians have survived public knowledge that they have had relationships with people who are not their spouses.

It is dreadful, the way the word "gay" is being treated in this story like some unmentionable slur, libelous, insulting, damaging. On Wednesday, the Scottish press started running with a story suggesting that Fox, as a student, did not like gay people to "flaunt" their sexuality in his face. The implication is that he is a self-hating gay. It's hilarious. There you are, accused of poor judgment, breach of the ministerial code and Lord knows what next. But woe betide anyone who dares to suggest … a loving relationship between two consenting adults. Not that such a revelation would get Fox out of the mess he is in.

It's perfectly possible, and plausible, that Fox relied on Werritty for purely emotional support, for love, not sex, for friendship, not money. Whatever. The point is that whatever the bond, it led to weird and suspicious arrangements, such as Werritty being present at meetings he had no obvious legitimate business to be present at, as if every day was Take Your Best Man To Work Day. Why did Werritty want to attend these meetings, around the world? Why did he claim to be part of Fox's team? Why did Fox allow and encourage all this? These are the important questions.

I would be happy never again to hear of some politician or other's private sexual arrangements, unless those arrangements were breaking the law, or were otherwise genuinely in the public interest. But politicians themselves are highly disobliging in this respect. It is politicians themselves who cannot draw a line between public and private, then stick to it. That's precisely what the expenses scandal was about, the inability and unwillingness to say "this is private" and "this is work", or even, "I'm not sure there, so obviously I'll give the benefit of the doubt to the tax-paying population, not me and mine." There was no sex involved in that scandal. Or very little.

The really worrying thing about these supposed people of wisdom, with their responsible jobs, ostensibly in the service of others, is that they never, ever seem to learn. It puts people off entering politics, the idea of public life, public scrutiny, public accountability.


The male bond is the real victim of the Fox affair

Why can't a man have a close friendship with another man 16 years his junior? Why should it be so "unlikely"? Why can't a married man have a male friend to stay overnight at home while his wife is stranded by a volcanic ash cloud? Stop sniggering at the back.

Dr Fox has only himself to blame. His judgment has clearly been found wanting. He should have disclosed the whole truth at the outset about the number of official foreign visits the pair made together; he should not have allowed young Werritty to accompany him on MoD business as an "adviser". End of.

Sadly the real victim of this whole affair is male friendship. What should have been a noble bond between two men has now been sullied beyond redemption by ambition (Fox apparently wanted Werritty to bypass the namby pamby Civil Service) and murky business dealings. And it gives Platonic relationships a bad name.

Heroic friendships - otherwise known as Platonic - were the highest ideal of the classical world and were relationships of emotional and intellectual connection without sexual intimacy. Achilles and Patroclus were the archetypal couple who fought together during the Trojan war. When Hector killed Patroclus, Achilles was beside himself for days.



The only way is marriage?


Designer vagina surgery: snip, stitch, kerching!







 14日は観ないで帰宅してしまったのですが、12日のクライマックスはマクミランの「レクイエム」でした。あえて言うなら、リアン・ベンジャミンの存在。小柄な体格ももちろん幸いしているのですが、「Pie Jesu」でソロを踊るベンジャミンからは、亡くなったクランコにマクミランが伝えたかったであろう想いが完璧に表現されていたように思います。


という題名の絵本が日本で出版されたのが2003年とある。そして、ニュー・ジーランドのGecko Press から2010年に英訳が出版された。





Maqbool Sabri obituary


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Tacita Dean: Film – review

Film by Tacita Dean at Tate Modern – in pictures



Japanese government is to invite 10,000 tourists to Japan

According to Yomiuri newspaper, the Japan Travel Agency has authorised the special budget by which Japan is to invite 10,000 tourists from the world in 2012.

Unfortunately, the Agency has not yet put a clear guidance of how to apply for this plan, nor how they are to process application forms. However, the Yomiuri reports,

1) JTA is to annouce the plan mainly by the internet

2) you need to demonstrate your own plan of what you want to do in Japan

3) once your plan is accepted, then JTA will pay your return tickets

There are some requirements while you are in Japan.

A) JTA is to expect the tourists to send your experience to your family, friends and others by twitter, blog or other forms of social networking system while you are still there

B) JTA may also ask the tourists to discuss new plans of how to appeal the charms of Japan to the world

There are not concret plans yet, but when the plan is completed, I think it will be great. A you can imagine, becaus the number of the foreign tourist to Japan have been decreasing massively since 11th of March, they wil do this.

Returning Japanese
In spite of this year's disaster, you voted Japan your Favourite Long-haul Country in our Travel Awards 2011, and as the Guardian's Tokyo correspondent reports, there are many good reasons to go again soon

Hope to see some of you in Japan next year!



Fake Book Cover: Why Do Japanese People Stare At Foreigners?








DESH (homeland) is a new full length solo from celebrated choreographer and performer, Akram Khan, inspired by his homeland of Bangladesh. After critically acclaimed collaborations with artists including Sylvie Guillem, Anish Kapoor and Antony Gormley, DESH is set to be one of Khan’s most personal works, as he seeks to reconnect with his cultural roots.

Reflecting on life in Bangladesh, Khan will portray several characters familiar in daily Bangladeshi culture through his own body and voice. For this solo performance, he has teamed up with Oscar-winning Chinese visual artist Tim Yip (production designer for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), fellow Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist and lighting designer Michael Hulls, Indian writer and poet Karthika Nair, Olivier Award-winning composer Jocelyn Pook and British slam poet Polar Bear.
DESH will explore the idea of transformation - of body, land, identity and memory, while examining the contradictions of Khan’s own British-Asian identity. In Khan’s own words: “I am searching for a story that addresses both the tragedy and comedy of life in Bangladesh.”

Akram Khan: Choreographer, Performer
Tim Yip: Visual Designer
Jocelyn Pook: Composer
Michael Hulls: Lighting Designer
Yeast Culture: Visual Animation



 7月にあったシルヴィ・ギエムの「6000 miles away」、「TeZukA」そしてこの「DESH」。いずれもロンドン公演のあとはまず欧州を回る予定になっています。特にイギリスよりも公演数が多いのではと感じるのが、フランス。ギエムはフランス出身、アクラム・カーンはフランスのカンパニィと連携しているから自然な成り行きなのかもしれないですが、コンテンポラリィの人気はフランスのほうが高いのかなと思ったりもします。

 最終日には、ロンドン南西部在住の友達と。ロンドン南西部から、ロンドン東北部にあるサドラーズへの道のりは平坦なものではありません。今回友人は、オーヴァーグラウンドを使ってHighbury & Islingtonまで来て、そこから19番(ほかに4番、30番も可)のバスでサドラーズの正面へ。予想以上に快適、迅速だったとのこと。ロンドン南西部のダンス・ファンの皆さん、ぜひ、お試しを。



Returning Japanese
In spite of this year's disaster, you voted Japan your Favourite Long-haul Country in our Travel Awards 2011, and as the Guardian's Tokyo correspondent reports, there are many good reasons to go again soon


The cities and areas that usually feature on a tourist itinerary emerged from the disaster physically unscathed. The Kansai region – which includes Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Kobe – is hundreds of miles from the quake's epicentre. The damage there has been in the form of hotel cancellations by travellers who haven't done their radiation homework.

Japan's magical landscapes: there's noh place like it
Melancholy landscapes, wild waterfalls and hidden shrines – follow a noh theatre-inspired trail through the Kii peninsula and to rugged Sado Island in Japan, your Favourite Long-haul Country in our Travel Awards 2011

A yen to return to Japan
Whether you fancy a city break in Tokyo, an epic train odyssey or a ski trip, there are some great deals to tempt tourists back to Japan, Favourite Long-haul Country in our Travel Awards 2011






 詳細は週末に書くつもりでいるけど、在ロンドンのダンス・ファンでまだチケットを購入していない方、Must See。サドラーズからの情報だと、このプロダクションが日本に行く予定はまだないようだけど、年内に香港公演が予定されいるとのこと。

Akram Khan: DESH, Sadler’s Wells, review

DESH - review

Desh – review

Akram Khan: DESH




 応募したポジションは、P/T Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner。この、サイコロジカル・ウェルビーング・プラクティショナー、省略形PWPは、国を挙げての精神医療向上計画、Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT,に設けられているステイタスです。自殺者が全く減らない日本でこのような国を挙げての活動がないのが不思議でなりません。以下にあげるのは、仕事内容の一部です。

Duties include providing high volume, low intensity interventions, which will involve providing a range of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) based self management interventions to service users with mild to moderate anxiety and depression. You will receive weekly supervision and work as part of a team.

All staff deliver low intensity comprehensive telephone assessments, screening, treatment and signposting followed by rapid access to planned intervention / onward referral. You may also provide supervision for the PWP Trainees as required.




 ここで改めて考えたことは、外国人である僕が、このイギリス白人コミュニティで心理カウンセラーとして働けるか、という点。いわゆる巷の人種差別という点ではなく、サイコロジカル・サポートを必要としている、特に65歳以上の人たちにとって、非イギリス人から心理サポートを提供されることは、彼らにとって果たして「Psychological Wellbeing」になるのだろうか?、という疑問。僕個人としては、そのような状況で得られるであろう経験を期待します。が、サーヴィス・プロヴァイダーとしては、不必要な心の葛藤は避けられるものなら避けなければと考えなければでしょう。


 さらにこの友人からは、「インタヴューの最後に、絶対に君からquestion backするように。そうすることで、君がこのポジションに本当に興味を持っていることをアピールするから」。加えて、「たぶん問題ないと思うけど、一応、方言があるかどうか調べておいたほうが良いだろうね。英語は君の母国語ではないのだから」。

a job interview in Dorset


Although I should write to the people who have been supporting me to get through the frustrating process of job-hunting in NHS, I would like to share my experience of a job interview taken place in Dorset. I do not want to forget my experience.

As some of my classmates know, NHS Jobs ( is a good tool to find a job in NHS. As soon as I finished my written works last June, I started to check the website everyday.

Not many, but there are always some interesting vacancies of counselling/ mental health practitioner. The biggest problem to use this site, for me, is that I cannot tell when a position would be updated onto the site. It has been really frustrating.

However, with lots of valuable supports from my friends, I got an interview invitation from Dorset Healthcare Foundation Trust in September. The position I applied to was P/T Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, Band 5.

This position is a part of IAPT, Improving Access to Psychological Therapies, and the part of the job description is:

Duties include providing high volume, low intensity interventions, which will involve providing a range of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) based self management interventions to service users with mild to moderate anxiety and depression. You will receive weekly supervision and work as part of a team.

All staff deliver low intensity comprehensive telephone assessments, screening, treatment and signposting followed by rapid access to planned intervention / onward referral. You may also provide supervision for the PWP Trainees as required.

Why Dorset? I am happy to relocate when I can get a job by which I will be able to sufficient experience as a counsellor more and more. Frankly speaking, when I got the invitation, I had no idea about the place. However, I thought that it could be an interesting experience for me and it was certainly the exciting adventure.

I got to the venue without any problem. After an administrator made the photocopies of my identification documents and qualifications, I was ushered to a meeting room. There were two interviewers, a woman and a man. I felt warmly welcomed by them.

As soon as I sat down, the lady told me that they wanted me to do a role-play before the interview. I had been informed they would ask me to do a role-play, but I did not expect it to happen immediately. Needless to say, however, I have enough experience not to show my surprise to them.

The tasks were 1) I receive a phone call from a possible service user and ask her why she phones and what she is experiencing in 3 minutes, then 2) I explain to the interviewers about the possible diagnosis, why I would conclude the diagnosis and what sort of psychological intervention would fit for her situation.

Because I was given some opportunities of doing role-plays for CBT during the workshop, I hope I did OK and I started enjoying the situation. I must tell you that another woman who played as a service user was a great actor. I was really convinced by her.

Then, they started to ask me some questions. The questions were not as same as I am writing.

What would you bring into the team and our service?

What would you do when you face a difficult situation but you have to make a decision?

What would you think when older people in the community need our service?

A question about a limited time-frame in counselling service

What do you do when you need to talk to GP about the condition of a service user over the phone?

When you receive a call from a person who later seems to do self-harming, how would you respond to that person?

If I start to work here, what is my future plan?

Although the interview last for just over 30 minutes, I felt as if I was in the room for an hour.

Following what a friend of mine had suggested to me, I spent for some hours to observe people, the quality of life there and what sort of people live there. At the end of the interview, I asked them about the range of the people who would use their service. According to them, a third of the population in the community is now over 65yo. In addition, I had checked whether the particular dialect would exist or not. Thanks to the internet, it was easy to do some research before I had attended the interview.

I have not heard about the result and I do not feel I could at this occasion. I would like to work in the community. However, from service user's point of view, I might not be suitable to meet the need of the community. My clear will to support the local community may not work for the people in the community who need to be provided psychological support without any uncertain feeling.

Many people have the frustrating experiences to get a job as I do. During my struggle, what I have mostly learned is how important to build up network with friends and people. My dear friends from BBK have immensely heled me to improve the quality of my application form. My flat mate suggests to me to focus on why I am asked the particular questions. Another friend of mine offered me to do a mock interview together. I have recently been talking with a friend of mine about how I can extend my network.

The goal of attending a job interview is to get a job. However, this interview has also provided me an interesting opportunity to know the reality, even a bit, of the mental health service in the UK and to understand what a candidate is expected to offer the community.

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