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見た目が可愛い、肺がないカエル (写真あり)


Lungless frog

Although not a new species discovery, scientists did discover something amazing about the Bornean flat-headed Frog in 2008. The 7cm-long species is the world’s first lungless frog. Instead of lungs, this unique species breathes entirely through its skin. Other organs can be found in the place lungs would normally be, which makes the overall appearance of the frog flatter. As well as a larger surface area with which to absorb more oxygen, scientists believe this flatter and more aerodynamic shape allow the frogs to maneouvre more capably in the fast flowing streams the species inhabits in the Kalimantan rainforest, in the Heart of Borneo. The species was first discovered in 1978 and is currently listed as endangered on the IUCN red list of threatened species. It is known only from two locations in the middle of the Kapuas river basin, where the species is threatened by pollution from mining activities.


Lungless frog and 'ninja slug' among new species discovered under Borneo protection plan

Weird and wonderful species discovered in the Heart of Borneo




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