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Martin Pebble by Jean-Jacques Sempé




MARTIN PEBBLE is a timeless, touching and humorous book that brings to life the adventures of a little boy who blushes a lot, and who is happiest in the summer, when everyone else has a red face too. He sets out to find a reason for his strange affliction, and finds a friend instead - Roddy Rackett, who keeps on sneezing, even when he doesn't have a cold.

One day, his new best friend moves away and Martin Pebble is very sad. He goes on to make other friends, but doesn't have the same bond with any of them as he did with Roddy Rackett - the kind of friendship where you play games and make jokes and never feel bored. Years pass and Martin grows up, and moves to the big city. One day they meet again, on a crowded bus, and there's a lot of catching up to do. Soon they realize that some things never change: Martin still blushes, Roddy still sneezes, and the two of them are still the best of friends.

A French classic since 1969, MARTIN PEBBLE is now available in English for the first time, in a translation by the award-winning translator Anthea Bell. Illustrated with Jean-Jacques Sempe's colorful drawings, it the perfect gift for any child who has ever felt that they were a little bit different and found a best friend that makes them, even for a little while, feel better. MARTIN PEBBLE will make the perfect holiday gift and is sure to become an instant classic.


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- Yoshi


本も楽しそうなんですが、Daunt Books、素敵な本屋さんですねえ。昔あの近所の日系ホテルにしばらく泊まったことがあって、何回も行きました。その時、ある詩人の詩集を買ったのですが、レジの店員さんがとても物知りらしく、この詩人の伝記もとても良いですよ、と教えてくれました。イギリスでさえ本屋が少しずつ減っている現在、いつまでも続いて欲しい店です。今のアパートからはかなり遠いのが残念です。本題に関係のないコメントですいません。 Yoshi
2010.12.26 Sun 20:48 URL [ Edit ]

- 守屋

Yoshi さん


 Daunt Booksは、独立系の書店の特集があると、必ず取り上げられますよね。残念ながら、僕が本職で必要とする書籍は扱っていないことのほうが多いのですが、旅行ガイドや児童書のストックは、大きな書店に引けをとっていないと思います。
2010.12.27 Mon 07:49 URL [ Edit ]


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