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Opera singer Angela Gheorghiu says of her marital difficulties with Roberto Alagna: 'It was stupid of us to be apart'

Angela Gheorghiu is 25 hours late, which is pretty good for the world’s most famous diva. The glamorous soprano is lauded for her silky tones but notorious for cancelling gigs, disappointing audiences, and causing musical directors from La Scala to the Met to tear out their hair over her caprices.


“We are in a very happy place right now,” says the prima donna, a broad smile on her full lips, when, after one cancellation and an hour’s delay, the following day we finally meet in her dressing room at Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House. “We really decided it was stupid to be apart.”

So stupid, in fact, that, having announced they would never sing together again, next year the couple will make their first post-split appearance, in La Bohème at Covent Garden – the very opera that brought them together exactly 20 years before.


We meet just after the dress rehearsal and Gheorghiu is “very tired. We had a little accident on stage during the rehearsal,” she adds enigmatically in her silky voice. What? I ask, but she waves me away with a manicured hand. “Is past, it no longer matters.”


But, in comparison with others, the House has been relatively untouched by Gheorghiu scandals. Is it her favourite theatre? “Yes!” she whoops. “In the beginning I was more diplomatic not to make the others jealous. But now I can’t lie. It’s not just my career, it’s a personal thing. I fell in love with Roberto here and they have made so many roles for me. Just last week it is my birthday and all the company is there, Vittorio [Grigolo, her Faust] sings Happy Birthday to me and I say 'Ah! Here we are, all having fun!’”

 トラブル・メイカーと縁を切れないロイヤルのほうが、切ってしまったほかのオペラ・ハウスを羨ましく思うのではないだろうか。Anyway, Happy Birthday, Angela!!!

Meanwhile, she was testing the patience of both audiences and directors. Dates were cancelled all over the place. The couple were booted off a Franco Zeffirelli production of La Traviata after they complained about the sets, and Jonathan Miller nicknamed them “Bonnie and Clyde” after artistic differences in Paris. Sweetly, Gheorghiu exacts her revenge. “These English directors who speak no French or Italian! Imagine, I knew one who turned up at rehearsals with the booklet from my CD. Think if a Romanian director tried to put on Shakespeare with no English. Hah! It is impossible!


She exhales like a magnificent Persian horse. “We all agree opera is going in a modern way, but not to make fun of a genius. Opera is a fantasy by itself. I won’t give a name – but it’s not Mr X’s fantasy. For example, somebody in Vienna asked me to sing Roméo et Juliette in blue jeans, which is OK, but then to dance like I am in a discotheque. I mean, come on! Other singers do it, but they have no courage to say no. But an opera singer must think all the time that the voice and the score are the most important thing.”


Can Gheorghiu really be persuaded to lead a quieter life? Her dark eyes sparkle. “I will fly to see him. To me a plane is a taxi. OK, so now I’m hungry.”
And suddenly, I’m in the corridor, left, like everyone this whirlwind encounters, dazed but elated.



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