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英国防相が辞任 ロビイストとの関係めぐり




Why politicians can't seem to learn from past mistakes

Anyway, public activity is what drew attention to the close relationship that exists between defence secretary, Liam Fox, and his friend Adam Werritty. Of course, people are going to speculate about why Fox was so dependent in his public life on Werritty that he risked his job for it. Of course, they are going to wonder if something in their private lives explains this.

There is open speculation that the inappropriate public closeness that exists between Fox and Werritty is an indication of "a sex scandal". But there is no indication of any terribly "scandalous" sex. Fox is married, and his wife has a reasonable expectation of sexual fidelity – and it's important to stress that no one has presented any evidence of infidelity. But if the couple arranged things differently, then that would be their business. The sex of a third party is immaterial – or should be – and plenty of politicians have survived public knowledge that they have had relationships with people who are not their spouses.

It is dreadful, the way the word "gay" is being treated in this story like some unmentionable slur, libelous, insulting, damaging. On Wednesday, the Scottish press started running with a story suggesting that Fox, as a student, did not like gay people to "flaunt" their sexuality in his face. The implication is that he is a self-hating gay. It's hilarious. There you are, accused of poor judgment, breach of the ministerial code and Lord knows what next. But woe betide anyone who dares to suggest … a loving relationship between two consenting adults. Not that such a revelation would get Fox out of the mess he is in.

It's perfectly possible, and plausible, that Fox relied on Werritty for purely emotional support, for love, not sex, for friendship, not money. Whatever. The point is that whatever the bond, it led to weird and suspicious arrangements, such as Werritty being present at meetings he had no obvious legitimate business to be present at, as if every day was Take Your Best Man To Work Day. Why did Werritty want to attend these meetings, around the world? Why did he claim to be part of Fox's team? Why did Fox allow and encourage all this? These are the important questions.

I would be happy never again to hear of some politician or other's private sexual arrangements, unless those arrangements were breaking the law, or were otherwise genuinely in the public interest. But politicians themselves are highly disobliging in this respect. It is politicians themselves who cannot draw a line between public and private, then stick to it. That's precisely what the expenses scandal was about, the inability and unwillingness to say "this is private" and "this is work", or even, "I'm not sure there, so obviously I'll give the benefit of the doubt to the tax-paying population, not me and mine." There was no sex involved in that scandal. Or very little.

The really worrying thing about these supposed people of wisdom, with their responsible jobs, ostensibly in the service of others, is that they never, ever seem to learn. It puts people off entering politics, the idea of public life, public scrutiny, public accountability.


The male bond is the real victim of the Fox affair

Why can't a man have a close friendship with another man 16 years his junior? Why should it be so "unlikely"? Why can't a married man have a male friend to stay overnight at home while his wife is stranded by a volcanic ash cloud? Stop sniggering at the back.

Dr Fox has only himself to blame. His judgment has clearly been found wanting. He should have disclosed the whole truth at the outset about the number of official foreign visits the pair made together; he should not have allowed young Werritty to accompany him on MoD business as an "adviser". End of.

Sadly the real victim of this whole affair is male friendship. What should have been a noble bond between two men has now been sullied beyond redemption by ambition (Fox apparently wanted Werritty to bypass the namby pamby Civil Service) and murky business dealings. And it gives Platonic relationships a bad name.

Heroic friendships - otherwise known as Platonic - were the highest ideal of the classical world and were relationships of emotional and intellectual connection without sexual intimacy. Achilles and Patroclus were the archetypal couple who fought together during the Trojan war. When Hector killed Patroclus, Achilles was beside himself for days.



The only way is marriage?


Designer vagina surgery: snip, stitch, kerching!




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