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Who what why: Why is there more oilseed rape being grown?



Japanese tourists flocking to visit the UK’s rapeseed fields

It could be any Japanese coach trip to Britain- except that this stop is to see the brilliant yellow of fields of rapeseed.

The unlikely attraction is proving such a hit with Japanese tourists that a holiday company has started offering tours of the UK’s rapeseed fields.

The firm started the tours after noticing how passengers on some of its coach trips would cram to the windows when passing the dazzling yellow fields to take photographs.

It now offers trips to East Lodge Farm on the Gloucestershire – Worcestershire border, where visitors are allowed to walk among the crop.

The tours are already proving popular. The target number of 20 farm visits this summer will be exceeded and 70 are planned for next year.

This year has seen record levels of the crop cultivated in Britain, as a result of growing global demand.

Around 735,000 hectares are being grown this year – up six per cent on last year – and it now covers around 17 per cent of the UK’s arable farmland.

Charlie Beldam, who runs the rapeseed operation at East Lodge, growing the crops on around a quarter of the farm’s 4,000 acres, said: “We’ve always had English pastures green and there is no denying that rapeseed is very vibrant and eye-catching.

“You still get people who say it scars the landscape but maybe that is changing a bit. It can be quite picturesque.

“People here in England have probably got used to seeing the crop but for Japanese people it’s something that’s very different and they consider the flowers to be very beautiful.”

Each coach load – which usually has 49 tourists on board – is charged £49 by the farm. After a walk in the fields, the visitors are given a tour of the farm’s press and bottling site, where the crop is made into oil for the table.

They then return to the bus to continue a tour of the region’s more traditional tourist destinations, such as Stratford-upon-Avon and Oxford.

It is part of a six day coach trip oraganised by, Miki Travel,that also takes them to Windermere, in the Lake District, Haworth, in West Yorkshire – known for its association with the Bronte Sisters – Chester, Liverpool, the Potteries and London.

Ikuo Shibuya, director of Miki Travel, said: “We tell people the UK is a very colourful country. We wanted to do away with the grey, rainy image.

That is the image that people have had of Britain, although that is now changing.

“People are showing great interest in this tour. They like to come to England for the natural beauty now.”

The tours have a limited time frame, though, as the yellow flowers drop off around this time of year. However, after a gap of around three weeks, the visits will resume – when the farm’s linseed crop sprouts its blue flowers.





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