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Jeremy Hunt considers biennial culture festival



 僕自身、全くの初耳の音楽は、カールハインツ・シュトックハウゼンという人。彼の「Mittwoch aus Licht」というオペラがバーミンガムで上演されます。


Stockhausen’s Mittwoch Aus Licht:Opera with real altitude

It could only be opera, I suppose, but it is unlike any opera you may have seen before. The Birmingham Opera Company are staging Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Mittwoch Aus Licht in full, for the first time, on an industrial estate in the heart of the Midlands city. It is a six-hour production of a notoriously difficult piece of music which features (alongside the flying orchestra and singing dromedary), a helicopter string quartet, in which four musicians in separate helicopters synchronise their playing with the rotor blades while hovering in Birmingham’s airspace.


CAUTION brings together six artists from around the world to work on a series of solo and collaborative performances, video works, still images and installations that allow the artists to explore their limits, break through boundaries and work with the extremes of their abilities to communicate and make things happen. Led by Belfast-based artist and curator Sinéad O’Donnell, CAUTION artists Sylvette Babin (Canada), Mariel Carranza (Peru), Paul Couillard (Canada) Poshya Kakl (Kurdistan-Iraq) and Shiro Masuyama (Japan) interrogate what it means to have an ‘invisible’ disability. (Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, 24 August – 29 September 2012; FREE, Southbank Centre, London, 1 – 2 September). The artists are also showing a series of CAUTION video works at the Southbank Centre from 31 August to 9 September.

Claire Cunningham: Ménage à Trois explores award-winning performer Claire Cunningham's 20-year relationship with her crutches in a study of love, obsession, loneliness and manipulation. The stunning piece of dance theatre is a collaboration with choreographer and video artist Gail Sneddon, set within an extraordinary, animated environment, enveloping the performers in a surreal, imaginary world. (Tramway 1, Glasgow, 24 – 25 August 2012; The MAC, Belfast, 31 August; Southbank Centre, London, 8 September)



YesYesNo - Connecting Light: Hadrian's Wall

Event Details

A major new art installation for local, national and international audiences to engage with the magnificent structure of the Roman Empire's most northern frontier.

Designed by New York-based artists' collective YesYesNo, including founder member Zachary Lieberman, Connecting Light aims to span the length of Hadrian's Wall. Using a series of tethered balloons and lit by internal LED lights, the installation becomes a line of pulsating colours. The changing colours respond to messages sent across the wall. What was once a protective border is transformed into a line of communication.

The installation will be visible in the evening and accessible to visitors at several locations along the wall. It will also be designed to be viewed remotely all over the world using digital media.

Messages sent across the wall can be made visible through smartphones, iPads and tablets and detailed information will be available at a number of visitor sites.

YesYesNo specialises in the creation of engaging, magical installations that combine creativity, artistic vision and cutting-edge technology.

The installation will be prototyped and tested in late spring and full details of times and visiting locations will be available in early summer.

The 73 mile-long remains of Hadrian's Wall is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most significant structures of the Roman Empire.

The commission is produced in partnership with Hadrian's Wall Trust and local partners.




What You Will: Pop Up Shakespeare - To Be or Not To Be, created by Mark Rylance, which will see 50 actors interact with the public in various London streets, bringing to life Shakespeare’s most famous characters (London, 28 August – 2 September 2012).






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