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 ほぼ同じタイミングで、フェミニズム、そして不平の是正が実現することを信じる論客の牙城、ガーディアンが大きく取り上げた女性がもう一人居ます。その人は、テキサスの民主党議員、ウェンディ・デイヴィス(Wendy Davis)さん。



Wendy Davis's remarkable filibuster to deny passage of abortion bill

At 11.18am on Tuesday, a little-known Texas senator named Wendy Davis stood up and began a passionate speech against a bill that would severely restrict access to abortions in America's second-largest state.

Ten hours and 45 minutes later the 50-year-old was still talking, still on her feet, and the embattled pro-choice movement had a new national icon.

Wearing a smart jacket and pink running shoes, Davis embarked on an epic filibuster attempt to deny the bill passage through the Texas legislature by talking non-stop for 13 hours to prevent a vote.



Wendy Davis's pink shoes spark sales boom and abortion debate on Amazon

 With less than two hours to go before the midnight deadline, she was finally silenced when Republicans challenged her on a "three strikes and you're out" rule, claiming she had violated regulations by twice straying off-topic and by allowing a colleague to help her with a back brace.

As a fitness enthusiast she had the stamina required for the gruelling feat of endurance. The rules are strict: no digressions, no food or water, no leaning on a desk, no bathroom breaks. And no sitting - Davis's chair was removed when she started speaking, hence the need for comfortable footwear.

She read from a binder filled with stories of women affected by the issue, at times becoming emotional. Hundreds of orange-clad protesters crammed the halls and public gallery in the senate chamber of the Texas capitol in Austin. Some shouted interruptions and were removed by police.

It seemed Davis would be doomed to heroic failure after nearly 11 hours when Republicans stopped her for a third time. But other Democrats attempted to stall proceedings by raising points of order.

At about 11.45pm, Senator Leticia Van De Putte, who had arrived from her father's funeral, felt she was being ignored by the presiding officer, the Republican Lt Gov David Dewhurst. She asked him: "At what point must a female senator raise her hand or her voice to be recognised over her male colleagues?"






Wendy Davis channels anger of millions as new Texas makes itself heard




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