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In Kagoshima, Kyushu island in Japan, there is the Chiran Peace Museum. If you do not need to know about the part of the history of WW2 in Japan, better to stop here.

I can't remember when I heard about this museum. My initial reaction was that it must be a place for those who glamorise and worship the war criminals. A few years ago, however, I came to know that many Japanese visitors voted this museum as one of the must see museums in Japan. So, I checked what they are. They mainly display the letters and the last poems which were written by the young pilots who were forced to attack the American war ships in Okinawa at the end of WW2. When the pilots flew from Chiran, the fuel tank of their zero plane was half full.

I guess some of you may have seen The Wind Rises by Mr Miyazaki Hayao. At the very end of the movie, the main character, who created zero plane, said that none of the zero war plane pilots came back. These words really encouraged me to visit this peace museum in order to know who the pilots were.

According to the museum, the ages of the pilots were mainly from 18 to 26yo. Some of the letters were written to their parents, some to their younger siblings and to their grandparents. They simply demonstrated their deep thanks to their mothers and fathers and sorry for them because they would leave them alone.

Some of the pilots asked their sisters and brothers to take care of the parents on behalf of them and to be good citizens for Japan. Although the pilots knew they could not come back or they were not allowed to come back, they did not blame anyone, but themselves because they could not take care of their family.

You know a Japanese word, Kamikaze, in Japanese, God Wind.

I do absolutely hate this word because foreign media tend to use this word when they fail to analyse why the Japanese seem to kill themselves. If the pilots had been with God, they should not been forced to kill themselves. They did not commit suicide. They were not given any choice, but to kill themselves.

The pilots were never blessed by God, but they were absolutely blessed by their family.

The pilots were not war mongers. Some of them had just got married, some had their first baby, or knew they would be a father although they did clearly know they could not hold their baby. They were ordinary people.

I did not cry when I was reading the letters because I could not cry. I absolutely felt numb. Since my visit, I am really concerned what the current Japanese cabinet will do.

I must be calm down here and I think the similar type of war tragedy could happen in many countries. What I would like to tell you is that I believe the pilots were the different type of the victims by the war.

Thank you for reading this, I just want you to know about this part of the Japanese history.


If some of you are interested in visiting this museum, please let me know in advance. Even for me, it was pretty difficult to get there. The connection between JR trains and the local buses is complicated. Furthermore, after you catch a local bus, you would become afraid of where this bus is going to. I was worried whether I got a wrong bus or not.








- ハマちゃん



神風、を、God Windと訳すのは、やはり意味は違ってきますよね…。
それをGod Windって、なんだか相当ズレた解釈になってしまわないか、と。
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- 守屋

ハマちゃん さん


 イギリス人の友人達に送って届いた返信の一つで、「I am stills little lost as to why the zero pilots were expected to act in the way they did by the authorities? 」、と言うのがありました。僕には答えは無いです。

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