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Good bye from Neko Neko

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Dear All,

I am sending this to you who met or knew about our beloved Neko Neko.

Neko Neko had to be put into sleep on 8th Apr because his body was suddenly covered by unbearable pain. He was 16yo.

My flatmate and I met Neko Neko (called Bumble there) on 12th Mar 2013 at Mayhew. From the very beginning, Neko Neko was quite friendly and he settled in his new life with us and Kat Kat quickly. We knew he had issues on his kidneys and never complained about what he was fed.

Some of you may remember when you came to us and as soon as you sat down on the sofa in the living room, you were immediately greeted by Neko Neko. I do hope his greeting made you feel welcomed without failure.

Some time last summer, we noticed Neko Neko showed his legs limping. The vet gave him a kind of herbal medicine which he absolutely hated because of its strong smell. Any rate, we started to talk what we could do best for him although we also thought that he might not stay with us for long.

After Jin Jin's sudden and unexpected departure, we decided that Neko Neko should take his blood test. The result of the first test was depressing. The condition of his kidneys was worse than our expectation. However, the result of the second and further test told us that he could take another medicine to ameliorate, possibly, his arthritis. During the last two weeks, it seemed that the medicine was slowly working.

At 7pm on 7th Apr, I fed our three cats as usual and Neko Neko ate his portion. No alarming sign.

However, after 8pm, Neko Neko started to walk around aimlessly. We did not know what was wrong with him and my flatmate kept him in his room during the night.

I got up and prepared their breakfast, but Neko Neko did not come down to the kitchen. Finally, he came to the kitchen. His bowl was put on the usual place, but he did not approach it. I put the bowl in front of him, but he did not eat the food. I was really confused by the situation. Observing him for a while, I thought that Neko Neko lost his eye-sight with some reasons. In addition, when I was about to leave the flat, I heard his miawing very painfully.

I was not busy on Friday and I managed to finish my work early. Just after finishing, I called the clinic to get a slot for Neko Neko. When I got home, I found Neko Neko sleeping on a strange place. Before I gently put him into the carrier, first time ever, I took some photos of Neko Neko and me.

At the clinic, the vet immediately checked Neko Neko and his eyes looked ok. According to him, however, if blood-pressure shot up, the change by it would have an impact on cat's retina, so he checked Neko Neko's blood-pressure and it was OK too.

The doctor started to tell me that we could try to give him another medicine to reduce his joint pain, but it might work only for another few days. Before I took Neko Neko to the clinic, my flatmate phoned me and told me that if the vet said that Neko Neko was in extreme pain, we would have to give him peace. This was what I was also thinking about.

I slowly asked the doctor whether Neko Neko was in unbearable pain. He said, yes. Maybe for a few seconds, but I felt as if I were hesitating to say a word forever. I was holding Neko Neko in my arms and he was calm. I suddenly realised why he behaved strangely. Because the degree of his pain was far too much for him to cope with, he could not understand what was going on in himself and he could not control his body.

Helplessly, I told the doctor that we wanted Neko Neko to have a natural death. His reply was, [unfortunately, it would not always happen in general. It would be nice if your cats departed during their sleeping, but you cannot control it].

I asked him about putting Neko Neko into sleep and he said that it would give him relief. The doctor gave me a few minutes being with Neko Neko.

When he came back to the room and touched Neko Neko, he hissed at the doctor because of his pain. He was talking to Neko Neko, [Neko Neko, you are with your daddy, don't worry] and I was looking at Neko Neko's eyes as if talking to my family.

I must not be mad, but would a good daddy put his cat into sleep?

Neko Neko, now, you have a very important task for us. Kat Kat and Jin Jin did not meet each other and it is only you who know both of them. First, please find them and introduce both of them each other. Then, as you are a big brother with a big heart, please love your hissing sister and shy brother. Be happily together.

Neko Neko, thank you for having chosen to live with us. Sharing many joys with you for the last three years is absolutely amazing.

Thank you all for having loved Neko Neko.

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