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We are in a period of huge uncertainty. It's a strange privilege for us all to share this time together and see what emerges. We are all curious, worried and optimistic that something good will emerge. The UK has always needed vast numbers of migrant workers who have been welcomed and become part of the social fabric. I think that will continue.
We are what we share.

Dear Koji,

Do not think of yourself as an 'immigrant'. The term has been hijacked by xenophobic people, those who will always use words they do not understand to vent their anger at the smallness of their own lives. They have no one to blame but themselves for any of their actions in life. They descend into self pity like small sulking children and then feel righteous in pointing the finger at other people for their own choices.

Immigrant means - A person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.
There is no emotion added to the official definition.

The people who we should be shouting abuse at are the members of 'ukip'. I cannot even bear to write the name properly as I see it simply as another name for the National Front and not a viable political party. But we are above the petty name calling, and you have to rise above the words being bandied about at the moment.

I and many of my friends have been shaken up by the events of the past week, ( the phrase ' a week in politics is a long time' has never been more truer!), it has been a revolution both politically and socially and emotionally. But times like this make us change directions in good ways.
You came here for a reason, have been happy here and now need to re-forge an idea of what will make you remain here and prosper.

I had a funny conversation with L (his wife) this week. Her business partner is German - white German - and said she’d suddenly started feeling like she was an immigrant and that people might resent her. L laughed and said being a non-European, she’s always been aware of the fact she’s an immigrant and there’s racism out there as she’s had a few comments over the years. Now maybe the racism is out of the bag and is being applied more generally. This is what happens when you campaign on such dangerous slogans as ‘we want our country back. Who is we? and back from who? It’s a an easy line to turn into a very narrow vision of this being a ‘white English country. It’s scary bullshit, it really is.





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