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The Story

Act I

Giselle is one of a community of migrant workers cast out of their jobs in a condemned garment factory. They seek entry to the place where the factory Landlords live, beyond a high Wall built to exclude them.

Giselle is in love with Albrecht, a member of the privileged class, who has disguised himself as an Outcast in order to woo her. When the Landlords arrive, expecting to be entertained by the Outcasts, Albrecht recognises his fiancée Bathilde among them, and tries to hide. But he is challenged as an impostor by Hilarion, an Outcast who also loves Giselle, and the two men fight. Bathilde’s father confronts Albrecht and he is forced to choose between the two women. When he submits and returns to Bathilde, Giselle is driven to madness. The Outcasts encircle Giselle, and when they move apart, her lifeless body is revealed. The Landlords retreat to safety beyond the Wall.

Act II

In the wrecked and abandoned factory where Giselle and her female co-workers have labored, and many have died, Albrecht confronts and condemns the Landlords. But he flees at the appearance of Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis (ghosts of the factory workers who seek revenge for the wrongs done to them in life). Myrtha summons Giselle into the realm of death and into the company of the Wilis.

Hilarion enters the factory to mourn Giselle. The Wilis surround him, demanding retribution for her death, and he is brutally killed.

Albrecht returns, and the lovers are reunited on the threshold of life and death. Breaking the cycle of violence, Giselle forgives Albrecht and saves him from the vengeance of Myrtha. Giselle departs into death with the Wilis, and Albrecht, now an outcast from his own community, is left to carry the burden of his wrongdoing.






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